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Before raising funds you must have a data room at your disposal so you can share it easily with potential Business Angels who‘d like to know more about your project.

We also recommend you uploading it to the cloud, which allows you to update this data room, add documents, share it easily and potentially cut off access to documents.

Pitch Deck: One idea per slide -[learn more](

1-5 min pitch - elevator pitch
30 min pitch: detailed presentation ([ tips] (
Tips: Put yourself in our shoes and those of Business Angels’: we receive hundreds of files per month. So prepare a precise and concise pitch deck of 10 / 20 slides max, a 60-page BP would be a bit indigestible.

Pitch Video (if available)
Product demo (depending on your project)
Customer reviews
Road Map
List of your advisors and investors already in the capital (if any)
BP excel
Founders’ resume
Investor Q&A: many Business Angels will ask you the same questions, you can then consolidate it if the same questions come up again - which is also an excellent way to get ready

Then depending on the progress of the fundraising process

Shareholders' agreement

There is no need to worry about this, most shareholder agreements are nowadays standardized.
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