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What is a Club?

A Club allows members of our community to co-invest with a lead investor, expert in his field of activity, selected by Angelsquare on strict criteria:

recognized sector of expertise
good investment track record
support and follow-up of its participations
significant investment tickets

As soon as the lead investor invests in a new startup, he can suggest it to members of his Club, who access the Angelsquare deal. They can co-invest alongside him, under the same conditions. The lead investor accompanies the entrepreneurs until a significant liquidity event (IPO, sale...) which can allow each of the co-investors to sell their shares. Angelsquare members who wish to co-invest alongside a leading investor, ask to join his Club.

Please note that each request to join a Club is subject to validation, the first by the Angelsquare team and/or by the Club leader who authorizes you to join his Club.

Updated on: 12/04/2019

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