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Here are some mistakes not to make when meeting with Business Angels.

It may sounds simple, but it's always good to remind :

Pre-meeting: be too familiar with a BA. He's not your buddy, but a potential investor, so you have to be rigorous
Be arrogant, unpleasant or too aggressive - even if the profile of the BA doesn't suit you, watch out though, it's a small world
Monopolize speech, it is important to listen
Lying. Or pretend to know everything when it is not the case, this type of appointment is above all a discussion, don’t be afraid to admit some of your shortcomings!
Not being ready:) It may sound silly, but a BA can be very questioning, you must be comfortable on the key points of your company and sector (knowing your market, your competitors...)
Ask to sign a NDA[see why](
Staying stuck on your valuation. You can of course propose a range and refuse to go below a certain "price", but the goal is also to bring in good people to your capital quickly. Valuation is therefore above all a question of negotiation according to the profiles you encounter
Not keeping your potential leads informed of your company's progress - with a short semi-monthly recap mail for example
Take a "NO" too personally

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill
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