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Risks of investment

By joining Angelsquare and/or its dedicated investment structures and/or Clubs, you are aware of the following risks:

Knowledge of risks

Investment in unlisted companies involves specific risks:
Risk of total or partial loss of invested capital
Liquidity risk: resale of securities is not guaranteed, it may be uncertain or even impossible
Return on investment depends on the success of the financed project
It is possible to lose the totality of your investment

Analyses and personal choices

Under no circumstances do we issue investment recommendations regarding startups selected by AngelSquare, its investment structures nor Clubs.

When an Angelsquare member decides to invest in a startup, he does so to his own responsibility, after having analyzed the file himself.

Angelsquare's responsibility

Under no circumstances shall Fundme SAS (which operates the Angelsquare - Angelsquare Fintech and Angelsquare Impact brands) be held liable in the event of the failure of one or more startups financed by our investment structures, Clubs or deals directly accessible on the Angelsquare platform.

Updated on: 12/04/2019

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