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Our values


Rules of start-up investment must be challenge to maximize best entrepreneurs’ chances of success.

A good Business Angel builds long-term relationships with entrepreneurs whose values he shares. He brings them his time, experience, network and money. These fundamental principles of good governance and integrity will lead to the greatest entrepreneurial successes of tomorrow.

AngelSquare make it easier for the most promising startups to meet the best investors.

This charter defines the core values and principles of AngelSquare that must be shared by our members.

For the most promising entrepreneurs to attract Business Angels that best suit their interests, we carefully select the investors who will contribute to the success of AngelSquare community.

To become part of AngelSquare community, you must sincerely share our values and ambitions:


Business Angels members of AngelSquare invest not only money but human capital (time, network, experience...) that fully benefit the entrepreneurs they are betting on, so they must be familiar with the different stages of a company's life, whether through their own experience as entrepreneur or Business Angel.

Consequently, AngelSquare selects its members based on their professional background, experience as investors, sectors of expertise, reputation and ability to create opportunities for entrepreneurs... In short, on their ability to be the best partners for entrepreneurs!


Finding the Business Angel(s) that best match your startup is a key success factor for young entrepreneurs. At AngelSquare, we attach great importance to the diversity of our Business Angels’ profiles for this exact reason. This diversity allows entrepreneurs from all sectors of activity and all profiles to meet the investors that best suit them.
This is how we are building, day after day, the reference Business Angels community.


To guarantee the profile quality of AngelSquare members, we also rely on cooptation and sharing of our values. AngelSquare members can invite their friends to join the community.

A community and participatory approach

If AngelSquare is able to identify the best entrepreneurs, and bring them together with the best Business Angels, it's because we rely on members involvement. We attach great importance to the recommendations of our Business Angels, to such an extent that many of the startups funded by our Business Angels have been selected and recommended... by the AngelSquare community!

We therefore expect Business Angels to support the entrepreneurs in whom they believe, and to be their first ambassadors within our community. They can also contribute to startups evaluation by sharing their opinions and comments, allowing us to identify the most promising entrepreneurs more effectively.

They must do their best to communicate cordially with the entrepreneurs they meet on AngelSquare, be responsive, help the community by sharing their opinions on the entrepreneurs they meet etc...

We are proud to be recommended by members of our community, whether they are entrepreneurs or Business Angels. Our Business Angels are happy to contribute to the success of AngelSquare, and they let it be known around them!


We expect our members, Business Angels and entrepreneurs, to give as much importance as we do to the principles of good governance and integrity, which are essential to the success of the entrepreneurial stories that AngelSquare brings to life.

Our members must honor basic rules of politeness, honesty and respect, in order to promote harmonious and constructive exchanges between all members of our community.

We reserve the right to exclude a member if his or her behaviour contravenes our values.

Charles Degand
AngelSquare Co-founder

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Updated on: 15/03/2019

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