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Access to the Clubs is restricted to members of the Angelsquare community (see our offers).

A carried-interest is applied to deals that allow Club members to realize a capital gain on exit. Part of this carried goes to the Club leader in return for his involvement and support of the startup over the long term, and part goes to Angelsquare.

Carried Interest is only due in the case of capital gains realized by members of its Club.

If a deal is subject to carried interest, its precise amount is announced as soon as the startup's file is sent to the co-investors.

When a startup is funded by a Club, Angelsquare charges the startup €5k (excl. tax) to the startup, payable after the Club's investment, then an administrative fee of €1k (excl. tax) / year. In addition, the investment vehicle created by Angelsquare is invoiced €4k (excl. tax) when created.
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