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How to join a Club?

Access to Clubs is restricted to Angelsquare members only (subject to acceptance by the Club leader and/or Angelsquare team) or guests of Club leaders.

To join a Club on Angelsquare, 2 ways:

Being invited directly by the Club Leader.

If you have received an invitation directly from the Club Leader: click on the link he sent you and let us guide you.

If you already have an Angelsquare account, login to your account.
If you do not have an Angelsquare account yet, register via the invitation link (registration will take you less than 5 minutes).

Once logged in or registered, you are automatically registered for the Club to which you were invited, and you will receive the next deal that the Club leader will decide to offer to his "co-investors".

Note: The invitation you received from a Club Leader does not give you access to other Clubs or deals. To join the other Clubs and access the entire platform you must become an Angelsquare member and choose one of our offers.

Ask to join a Club from your Angelsquare account

On the "Clubs" page, you have access to the presentation of the various Club leaders that we have carefully selected according to their entrepreneur and investor track records, as well as their ability to select and support startups in which they invest. You can discover the Club leaders in video by clicking on "Discover the Club".

Are you already a member of Angelsquare?

Once you have logged into your Angelsquare account, go to the page of the Club you want to join, and click on "Request to join the Club". The Angelsquare team will then be alerted of your request.

Not yet a member of Angelsquare?

Clubs are only accessible to Angelsquare members. Once your profile has been validated by our team, go to the page of the Club you want to join, and click on "Request to join the Club".

NB: Each request to join a Club is subject to a double validation, the first by the Angelsquare team and the second by the Club leader who authorizes you (or not) to join his Club.

Updated on: 12/04/2019

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