How to invest with Angelsquare Capital?

Once a startup has been selected, it is presented to Angelsquare Capital members via the Angelsquare platform, who can decide to invest alongside Angelsquare and the members of the selection committee.

Angelsquare members do their own analysis of the file, can exchange with the entrepreneur if they wish, and make their decision to invest or not.

Angelsquare Capital deals will be reported to you on AngelSquare by the following banner:

When the investment intentions of the members are combined, an investment vehicle is created, whose sole purpose will be to invest in the startup in question.

This vehicle brings together all members who have joined Angelsquare Capital and wish to invest in the deal, the members of the selection committee who have wished to invest, and Angelsquare Capital

Once the vehicle is created, he invests in the startup. The vehicle is chaired by an Angelsquare representative.

The three ways to invest in AngelSquare]

Updated on: 12/04/2019

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