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How to invest in a startup?

Once your account is approved by Angelsquare teams, you’ll have access to our deals on the platform.

There are two ways to invest in a startup through Angelsquare:

Invest directly (only for Premium or Pro members): startups in which you can invest directly are listed in the "Deals in progress" tab. All these startups are rigorously selected by our team of analysts. When one of these startups pleases you, you can contact its founders via Angelsquare, then talk to them directly.
Invest through a Club: you invest through a "mono-deal" investment vehicle, which brings together all investors interested in the same startup. Deals financed by Clubs are chosen by the Club leader, in which he systematically invests a ticket. Carried interest is charged at the exit in the event of a capital gain.

Updated on: 15/09/2020

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