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How to finance your startup with AngelSquare?

For a startup, there are two possible ways to be funded by Angelsquare:

Get direct funding from the Angelsquare community: in which case Angelsquare acts as a fundraising intermediary, whose mission is to prepare the startup for the fundraising, identify the best investors for the startup, structure the round, and accompany the startup until its raising is completed. Investors invest directly in the startup's capital.

be financed by a Club: all you have to do is convince the Club leader so that your startup is financed by its Club, via a dedicated investment vehicle.

Getting funding directly from the AngelSquare community

The process is quick and simple. You submit your application online[here](

If your startup matches our selection criteria, our team will contact you for a telephone interview.

If this first interview is successful, we will arrange an appointment or a call

If we decide to work together, all you’ll have to do is sign the service agreement and pay the fees. (more information)

With our team preparation of your fundraising: validation of the terms of the fundraising, challenge of your Business Plan and pitch-deck...

Presentation of your startup on Angelsquare

Process on Angelsquare

We target in priority the investors (Business Angels, Family Offices, seed funds...) who best correspond to your startup (depending on your sector of activity, the amount sought, the progress of the raising...)

If an investor is interested in your startup, he or she can request access to your pitch deck and ask to meet you.
We regularly review with you the progress of your round: sharing feedback, correcting the terms of your raising, working on your documents...
If an investor is interested in your file, we present it to you and let you negotiate.

Updated on: 11/09/2020

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