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Carried Interest

On each deal, Angelsquare charges a carried interest (percentage of any capital gain realized by investors on exit). This carried can be, depending on the deals funded, split between Angelsquare and members of the selection committee involved in the startup after the closing of the fundraising.

The amount of the carried and its distribution on each deal are announced as soon as the deal is presented to the members of our structures.

Legal & operating expenses paid by the startup

On each deal, Angelsquare charges legal and operating fees, which cover:
the intervention of a law firm that ensures that the investments of our structures are made under the right conditions
the costs for structuring the deal and creating the investment vehicle
the operating costs of Angelsquare

These costs are invoiced to the startup after the closing of its fundraising, for a fixed total amount of 12,000€ HT.
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